We currently only allow PNG, GIF and JPG image formats. We do however plan to increase this tally in the future.
An image should be of no bigger than 6MB in size for ImageChampOnline to process it accurately.
The images are instantly deleted once you end your session after viewing the similarity scan results.
No. There is no way another person can view your images. Upload them with the assurance that your will be treated with utmost security.
If something doesn’t appear right, simply shoot us an email at support@sorcim.com and we’ll be right at it in an instance.
We’ve got grand plans for ImageChampOnline. Similar Image Comparison is just the first building block with many great features to be added in the foreseeable future. Meanwhile, if you’re particularly interested about any specific feature, write to us at support@sorcim.com. We’ll be glad to hear from you and assure you of giving due consideration to your ideas.