3 Benefits of Using An Image Comparison Software

The concept of an image comparison software is a relatively newer one, but it is bound to pay rich dividends to those who go for it. This software solution promises to be a game changer for people whose work routine involves playing with tons and tons of images, e.g. professional photographers, graphics designers and so on. During the course of their work routines, these guys will surely accumulate a gigantum quantum of images very soon. And headaches about the alarmingly low levels of hard disk space will follow very soon after that. Not everyone needs an image comparison software but these can really be helpful if you belong to the graphics industry or have to check graphics or visual content from time-to-time. Cloud storage sites mitigate this issue to an extent, but there always comes a time when these guys will be losing precious time in locating an image from the heaps of folders, if they rid themselves of storage issues forever somehow.

This is the perfect scenario where an image comparison software steps in and quickly cleans up the mess. This does not mean, by the way, that the average computer user shan’t try out an image comparison software. Average computers users nowadays quickly pile on hundreds (and more) images on their computers in no time courtesy the never ending selfie spree they indulge in aided by smartphones and DSLRs.

Copyright violations on internet are a huge problem for many, especially in the content industry because google penalizes websites for plagiarized content. Though, there isn’t any penalty by google for image plagiarism, but it can lead to severe law-suits against your company, if you lift images from google and use them without altering. There isn’t any defined limit of plagiarism but the images shouldn’t be too similar.

Check Plagiarism in Images

Google allows images to be added to the websites after sufficient alterations that result in the images being clearly distinguishable from each other. Although there is no set proforma of what constitutes “sufficient alteration”, the user should take extreme care to ensure the images are visible as different ones to the naked eye.

Users can employ an image comparison tool to check whether the images under observation share any tangible amount of similarities.

Find Better Quality Images

Another reason to use an image comparison software is to be intimidated about the better quality image amongst the two! A classic example would be to compare the JPEG and PNG versions of an image you have, and this site will give you come up with the result in no time.

Select anti-aliasing and the differences in both the images will show. If there are any major difference, it means the quality is degraded. In that case, go with the one with better quality.

Ace the Game!

Back in our childhood, a ‘spot the difference’ game was available in the newspapers. The game is now available online and most people play it on social media or on various websites. Sometimes, the websites are even providing gifts against it. The best way to spot the difference in an image is by running it through an image comparison software that will find even the smallest differences in the images. So, next time you see a ‘spot the difference’ picture. Be ready to ace it with Image Champ Online. Can there be a better use of this handy site? We bet No!